Critics of his radio show call him opinionated, cloying, abrasive. His 'listeners' call him 'unlistenable' and 'dim-witted white jew shade tree lawyer'. His on-air colleagues call him impatient, trying, bizarre, forgetful. His callers call him on an 800 number. His daughters call him 'dad'. Arbitron calls him the #1 terrestrial morning radio draw in all of Southern California.

I call him BILL HANDELringleader of my favorite morning crew,
heard 6 to 9 a.m. on KFIAM in Los Angeles and Orange Counties!

Celebrating 20+ years of broadcast mayhem!
on KFI AM 640 -- More Stimulating Talk Radio!
Handel now a villain in an exclusive

Announcing the publication of
Story/Art/Graphics by yours truly,
                                        W. MATT STEWART

40 pages - Black & White interior

I've listened to THE BILL HANDEL SHOW since 2004, shortly after moving to Los Angeles. He and his morning crew became a staple of my daily routine. Lineup changes introduced Gary Hoffmann as news anchor and Todd Wilson as sound engineer. It was their unlikely friendship that inspired this koo-koo "graphic novel".

Gary Hoffman with bosom buddy Todd WilsonOne day around early 2011, I happened to be listening as show producer Michelle Kube-Kelly made a random silly suggestion: TODD WILSON should be a superhero!

Todd is a self-described comic book geek; in fact, his wardrobe consists entirely of T-shirts advertising this bit of widely-known trivia.

Myself a longtime KFI fan and kindred comic book geek * I felt a sudden glandular urge. The creative glands, that is, somewhere between inspiration and perspiration. So I set to work... Gradually, what amounted to a one-off throwaway comment by Michelle mutated into something far too powerful to control!

Brain-storming naturally led to the inclusion of Todd's bosom buddy and resident wise guy GARY HOFFMANN purposing a hero-sidekick dynamic, then situating BILL HANDEL into the role of antagonist. I've long enjoyed Gary's dry comebacks and witty riffs when bouncing off Handel. Not to mention I regularly tune in to The KFI Sunday Morning News where Hoffmann nicely teeters between objective reporting and biting analysis.

With the players on the field, I mocked up some sketches, patched together a story, fleshed out the supporting cast. Featuring cartoon cameos from the likes of sportscaster Rich Marotta, producer Michelle, traffic wizard Mike Nolan, evening host Tim Conway Jr. plus a rare appearance by KFI marketing director Neil Saavedra!

Development proved more effort than expected. I kinda got carried away. After ages enjoying KFI, it almost felt like I was writing and drawing about a group of good friends! I determined to get it right.

In crafting the dialogue I mined their stable of running jokes, speech patterns, sound bytes and Handelisms with which I'd become uncommonly familiar... Flash-forward two years, a 40-page graphic novella glorifying the daily insanity that is THE BILL HANDEL SHOW!

• PLOT •
 When Handel goes missing, newsman Gary and soundman Todd use their supersecret superpowers to become Hoff-Man (able to predict news as it's reported!) and Todd-Person (occupying the margins between sound and volume!)  Journeying into the perilous caverns far beneath the station, they encounter danger and intrigue (as well as a "host" of popular KFI personalities!) -- Will they find Handel and rescue him? Or does Handel have some sinister intent in store?

Hmm. Big questions. Big ideas. No doubt a source of study for historians and literary anaylists and radiographers and archeologists for millenia to come. Get in on the ground floor! Copies available now!

A percentage of proceeds go to approved CHARITIES! 


also dispenses marginal legal advice on the nationally syndicated Handel on the Law and truly enjoys telling callers they have absolutely no case. -- Saturdays 8 to 11 on KFI AM 640

GARY HOFFMANN co-hosts @GaryandShannon -- weekdays 10 to 2 - KFI AM 640

TODD WILSON appears in the feature film Adventures of Serial Buddies

W. MATT STEWART * a little personal history might come in handy. I've self-published comics since age 10. I have a decent fine arts background. I learned to write before I could read. Learned to paint before I could draw. Learned to dance before I could walk. Learned to poop before I could pee. As a consumate hobbyist, making a quick one-shot comic seemed child's play. I foolishly believed I was awesome enough to do this in my spare time and move on with my life. With this, that and the other going on, "Handel on the Loose!" slowly evolved fins and became my White Whale... and... every once in a while, it tried to bite off my leg.

(and scroll to the 15-min mark)

UPDATE: A portion of proceeds now feeding & clothing Haitian orphans!        

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    the Official Website of the Official Matt Stewart - BLOG - BILL HANDEL COMIC BOOK LAUNCH!
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    Neat Webpage, Stick to the fantastic work. Many thanks!
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    the Official Website of the Official Matt Stewart - BLOG - BILL HANDEL COMIC BOOK LAUNCH!
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    the Official Website of the Official Matt Stewart - BLOG - BILL HANDEL COMIC BOOK LAUNCH!
  • Response
    Improvement demonstrated more exertion than anticipated. I kinda escaped. After ages getting a charge out of KFI, it practically felt like I was composing and drawing around a gathering of good companions! I resolved to take care of business.
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